The New Strategic Thinking

In this anticipated follow-up to his previous bestsellers, management expert Michel Robert unveils his practical and proven methodology for you to plan and implement effective corporate strategies. Featuring a detailed explanation of how Robert used his approach to turn around Caterpillar as well as case studies of leading companies that utilize Robert’s method, The New Strategic Thinking shows you how to assemble a strategy team, identify your company’s driving force, determine the focus of the strategy (product, customer, or market), and launch initiatives company wide.

The New Strategic Thinking… pure and simple.

The DPI thinking process is a commonsense tool to tap into the knowledge of your people and obtain strategic commitment. The best strategy is of the people and by the people… because they are driven to achieve it. So how do you get your executives to passionately commit to your business plan?

One of our client CEO’s says it best…

« I think that the process increases management’s understanding. I could probably have relayed that kind of thinking to that same group by other means, but not as successfully or in the same condensed timeframe. I believe that to be successful your key people must be part of the process. The DPI process brings you to consensus on the critical issues that drive your profits. In a very short timeframe you can get the whole management team there. » Laurie Dippenaar, Chairman, First Rand Ltd. The DPI process is a focussed approach – a formal, facilitated process – to enable you to develop and get agreement and focus on a future changing strategy. And total commitment to passionate implementation.

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